Vasilyev called the maximum amount of “homework” for students

Vasilyev called the maximum amount of “homework” for students

The Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilieva told about the maximum allowable amounts of homework for students. The official said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” on Sunday, December 23.

Vasiliev noted the high autonomy of the schools. In her opinion, the scope and content of homework are the responsibility of specific educational organizations and specific teachers.

“However, the ultimate burden on the child is strictly regulated: in first grade homework is not set, in the 2nd or 3rd school, the student should not spend more than six hours in grades 4-5 are allowed a maximum of two hours, 6-8 x 2.5 — hour, 9-11 — up to 3.5 hours,” said the Minister.

In addition, Vasiliev noted that current students have poor knowledge of functional reading. “It is difficult to work with text to understand the content, memorize it, analyze. As a consequence, problems can occur for other school subjects, children begin to spend for lessons all night,” she said.

The Minister suggested as a solution to the parents once again begin to read books to their children instead of giving them electronic gadgets.

In the same interview Vasilyev urged to unload students in secondary schools from homework for the Christmas holidays. “I believe that it is not necessary to do this. We loaded and overloaded, so the holiday — especially Christmas — should be a celebration,” she explained.

19 Dec in interview “news” the Minister of education said that her Department is currently engaged in drafting a psychological portrait of the modern student. According to her, the world has changed, and recent studies of this sort took place 30 years ago.