“Not to skimp on quality.” How to choose products, the head of Rospotrebnadzor?

“Not to skimp on quality.” How to choose products, the head of Rospotrebnadzor?

Chief sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova — what products welcomed the New year, why not give sweet gifts to children and more often than dissatisfied customers.

Eat healthily

Elena Plotnikova, “AIF”: Anna, on the approach of the New year. Without any products you do not imagine new year’s table? And, most importantly, how are they selected?

Anna Popova: the new year’s table is rather a part of the festive ritual, not an excuse to overeat, but still unusual for the body. During the holidays it is better to stick to a usual diet.

The best recommendations are the recommendations of scientists-dieticians. They say that a full Breakfast should be nutritious, and dinner — with a focus on the soup, which will give a feeling of satiety, and thus no extra calories.

As for the dishes for the New year, for me the first Association of childhood is, of course, the same smell of tangerines and sweet taste. It is better if they are produced or grown from our closest neighbours.

But if you prepare a full table, then of course it is important to choose dishes. It is important to check that the labeling of any product mentioned, from which it is made, what is the nutritional value of what good health can bring, check whether the storage conditions of the product, has not passed the expiration date. If your family has adults and children who have contraindications for the consumption of certain foods or are allergic, you need to read the label very carefully.

The main thing that has to happen after the new year table is the deterioration of health.