How not to fight with your loved ones during the Christmas holidays. 10 ways

How not to fight with your loved ones during the Christmas holidays. 10 ways

After a series of new year’s parties and large-scale purchases of gifts for the time of the onset of the holiday many of us fit tired and irritable.

Recent sociological studies show that during the Christmas holidays — a very busy time, and rarely anyone in these days manages to keep peace in the family. According to sociologists, the day of Christmas in the average British family is at least five fights.

However, to keep the peace and prevent conflict — quite feasible task. We have 11 ways to help you ease tensions and avoid confrontations with loved ones that you’ll regret.

1. Go easy on the alcohol!

From time to time we all admit that we regret too many of drinking mulled wine. Alcohol provokes chemical changes in our brain, which we first feel loose and relaxed, but these changes do not allow us to take a sober look at many things.

Professor Macmorran from the University of Nottingham, warns that in a state of intoxication we are inclined to neglect the effects of our actions and words. If we are trying to provoke, when we’re drunk, we tend to ignore the effects of “hitting the bait”. Our indiscretions could lead to a violent reaction on the part of the people from whom we do not expect.

If you know that the voltage at the holiday table growing, abstain from alcoholic cocktail in favor of soft. Offer and other soft drink.

2. Cook together

Cooking for the festive table is hard work. And hang this work on one person means that his mood will be spoiled, and it is much worse than digested soup.

One way to avoid this situation is to reallocate responsibilities and assign responsibility for each dish.

Invite someone to take care of a cheese plate to someone else — the desserts and snacks. In short, remove the entire burden of responsibility with the head chef.

3. Determine the budget for gifts

Given the large expenditures before and during the holidays, you can be embarrassed.

Financial troubles can become a serious source of stress and tension. It would be reasonable to reduce this tension in advance on the budget for gifts.

If you do not have enough money to give everyone you planned to please gift, why not make a choice in favor of a homemade gift?

It can be jam or sauce, or a gift in the form of one day to babysit, or offer a private guide service at the local pubs.

4. Give thanks for the gifts

Be diplomatic when you unwrap gifts. This can be a steamer, or a shoehorn, or a bath Mat depicting scenes from “Star wars.”

Just smile and say: “This is just what I wanted!”. This reaction will serve as a good example for children.