Doctors told how to avoid a hangover on the first of January

Doctors told how to avoid a hangover on the first of January

MOSCOW, 24 Dec — RIA Novosti. Christmas table is rarely complete without alcoholic beverages, to January 1, feel fit and healthy, you should follow some recommendations, told RIA Novosti the candidate of medical Sciences, chief physician of hospital of veterans of wars № 2 of Department of health capital Vera Shastina.

“The simplest advice is not to drink at all. And some families follow this advice, pouring into the glasses of non-alcoholic carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, including homemade. After all, the pledge of good mood and fun of the holiday is the joy of communication with friends and relatives. But the New year is a holiday special, and at least a glass of champagne during the battle of chimes will raise almost every Russian. What can you advise to those who want January 1 to remember the beautiful moments of the Christmas holiday and to spend a holiday without a headache and is actively? Before the holiday feast, December 31, should not drink in the morning, seeing off the old year. It is also good to eat three to four hours before the meal,” said Shastina RIA Novosti.

According to her, during a celebratory feast should not be limited to snacks, you tightly, and with appetite eat new year dishes. In addition, a good way to avoid poor health after new year’s eve — not to change alcoholic beverages, adds the doctor.

“Mixing alcoholic drinks cause the most severe intoxication. After the first glass of champagne, select a drink in the evening. But here we must follow the principles: do not mix grain alcohol — vodka, whiskey, gin, grape wine, cognac, brandy, as well as berries, fruit and other. To buy alcohol it is only necessary in a reliable retail outlets,” says the doctor.