Your grace. The history of the five Russians, Putin amnestied

Your grace. The history of the five Russians, Putin amnestied

MOSCOW, Dec 22 — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Gadinsky. President Vladimir Putin has signed decrees about pardon of the five Russians.

Among those who already the New year can go free, stunt rider, trying to protect his brother during a domestic fight and a war hero in Afghanistan, brought down the dark road of a teenage motorcyclist. RIA Novosti revealed details of the criminal cases of those whose appeals for clemency heard in the Kremlin.

“New year miracle”

Of the eleven years to which the sentenced youth coach in motocross and stuntman Alexander Artyukh, he served seven. All these years the young man’s mother tried to prove that during a scuffle in the yard of their home fatal injury to the deceased caused a completely different person. Alexander only to separate the fighters, trying to save his brother.

“You know, Sasha after all, and pardon wrote that innocent that he was hanged the murder. Although lawyers tried to convince us that it is impossible, with the wording of our request will simply not consider. But we decided to tell the truth,” G. Artyukh, mother of mercy, in conversation with RIA Novosti could not hold back tears. Said that the family had already lost hope, because a few months ago Alexander assured a pardon he’ll refuse.

“The petition we sent at the beginning of the year. Have attached to it the examination of videos from surveillance cameras confirm that Sasha is not inflicted fatal blows. In the summer he was summoned to the head of the colony, is said to not particularly hoping, most likely, will come the failure. And yesterday we called a friend of the family and congratulated me. We first did not even understand what it is”.

The fact that our family is a second Christmas miracle. The first took place seven days ago — Sasha’s wife Kate gave birth to first child.

The fight, which Artyukh is serving a sentence occurred in the night from 8 to 9 October 2011. Shortly before Alexander returned home after work at the club. In the apartment he found brother Cyril and his friend Yuri Baranov — the celebrated birthday. Through the open Windows of the street broke into a hubbub of drunken company.

“My eldest son Cyril went out and reprimanded them. Those back shouted, if you dare, come to understand. And along with Cyril Baranov went down”, — restores the chronology of events Galina.

There they waited six. A fight broke out. According to the woman, Alexander ran late, the sounds of fighting.

He managed only to pull one of the guys who was beating Baranova, and went to the side.

Even a few hours in the apartment the police came and all young people was taken. It turned out that one of the participants in the brawl died from stab wounds.

“The police sheep began to testify against Sasha. Supposedly he inflicted the fatal blows. Although his words were full of contradictions. For example, he argued that in the Elevator when they were down the street, Sasha showed him the knife. Yuri even called a blade length of eight inches. And when it became clear that the wounds were inflicted with a knife twice, he immediately changed his testimony, said confused,” says the mother of Alexander.

Was in this case and other oddities. For example, one of the fight’s participants described the killer as a man in dark clothes. “But Sasha that night was in light jeans and a dark hoodie with reflective print, which is difficult to miss.”

But the main thing — two independent examination have studied video from surveillance cameras in the yard and came to the conclusion that at the time of application wounds to the deceased Alexander was not there.

Last year the family made the third — in the Russian Federal centre of judicial examinations at the Ministry of justice. The conclusions of the first two was confirmed.

“But during the investigation this video is generally excluded from evidence in the case. And you know why? Because it gave on analysis the anthropologist. And he concluded that to identify the person on the recording is impossible. Thank you, at least not to the gynecologist asked with irony in his voice says Galina. — But the professional experts, including from the Ministry of justice, said that the record suitable for identification”.

Alexander condemned as regards 1 article 105 “Murder”. Gave 11 years of strict regime. “This is the maximum term which could appoint,” laments the mother of the convict. And he adds: “We filed the appeal, and cassation, but all in vain. Now I only hope for the Supreme court.”