Ukraine is moving troops to the Azov and Black seas

Ukraine is moving troops to the Azov and Black seas

Kiev throws airborne assault troops to the coast of the Azov and Black seas, said the President Petro Poroshenko during the visit of the Donetsk region controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.


“Also, with the use of our aircraft being transferred airborne assault troops, including units of the 95th brigade, which also strengthened protection of the basin of the Azov sea and the Black sea”, — quotes the words of the policy, his press-service.

He added that military units of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) “sharply increased” combat readiness thanks to the involvement of divisions of state frontier service, national guard, national police and forces of the SBU, which also translated to the strengthened mode.

“In emergency mode is the defence of the state border”, — said the Ukrainian leader.

In addition, according to Poroshenko, in those regions of Ukraine, where martial law was imposed, have established councils of defense.

On the initiative of Poroshenko at the end of November for a period of 30 days in the 10 regions of the country was introduced martial law. His term expires on December 26. The pretext was a provocation of the three ships of the Ukrainian Navy that November 25, invaded historical territorial waters of Russia in the Black sea.

They did not respond to the demands of the FSB border guards to stop and continued to make dangerous maneuvers. The Russian military had to use force to stop them. Ukrainian sailors were arrested, prosecuted. Now they are arrested, some of them are in jail “Lefortovo” in Moscow.

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