Supreme court brought in the state Duma a bill on criminal offense

Supreme court brought in the state Duma a bill on criminal offense

The Supreme court (SC) submitted to the state Duma a bill that introduces into the criminal code the new concept of “criminal offence”. The document is published on the website of the lower house of Parliament.

Now all the crimes are divided into four categories: light gravity, medium gravity, grave and especially grave.

Criminal offense is invited to consider some minor crimes that pose the least danger to the public and does not involve the punishment of deprivation of liberty.

A person who has committed such a crime, may be exempted from criminal liability and is punished with a fine, corrective or obligatory works.

For juvenile first offenders accused of a criminal offense, shall be subject to measures of compulsory education. However, if it is systematically not to comply, it may face criminal liability.

In addition, under the bill, criminal liability can be avoided for the crimes of not only small but also moderate.

To do this, the offender must repair the damage or “otherwise” to make amends for the harm.

With the proposal to introduce into Russian law the concept of criminal offense of armed forces made last fall. Sun said that now in UK, there are more than 80 offences which do not entail deprivation of freedom and the number convicted them only in 2016 exceeded 40 000 people. The amendments would allow “more fair to categorize criminal acts” and to differentiate responsibility depending on character of public danger, and to simplify adjudication of criminal cases, the authors.