Witches, Jesus and poverty. As the lives of the people of Ghana?

Witches, Jesus and poverty. As the lives of the people of Ghana?

For many years Ghana remained a British colony, from which mercilessly pumped out all the resources: gold, cocoa, diamonds and metal ores. Only in the mid-twentieth century, the country ceased to be called British Gold Coast, and gained full independence. However, the inhabitants of this West African state still can not boast a high level of existence and prosperous urban infrastructure. What is happening on the streets of modern-day Ghana in the gallery “of the Tape.ru”.

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Ghana is one of those African countries where white-skinned tourists at some point begins to feel superfluous. In big cities accustomed to travelers Ghanaians smiling shouting at them “obroni” (white foreigner), but is also a white foreigner to be in a small village, he is faced with aggression and lack of understanding of local residents.

Only a few of them a friendly wave, pose for the camera and even asking to photograph them. While the rest awkwardly close her hands, shouting, frowning, and gestures give “obroni” to understand that it is not the place.

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Ghanaians manage to combine his extreme religiosity with a terrible Ghost fear. For example, there is such a thing as “witches camps”. Many of them are located in the North of Ghana, where as in the link sending all the women accused of witchcraft. And the magic here, you can calculate any wrong action.

When a new witch arrives in camp, his leader holds a simple ceremony. He throws in the sky chicken, and while it is flying, makes unwarranted the conclusion — the woman is guilty or not. If planted in the sky chicken “justify” the girl, the family can take her back home.

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To buy shoes in Ghana, quite a few hours to dig deeper in a huge pile of shoes like this. Shoes Prada, sneakers, pumps Louboutin and Adidas flip-flops down here mixed in, but at an affordable price. By the way, these “Shoe stores” to find it is simple enough — almost on every roadside.

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The state of many Ghanaian homes leaves much to be desired because they are made of nailed to each other the old planks, rusty metal sheets and beams.

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A resident of Ghana are constantly on my mind very heavy items — from cans of dirty Laundry weighing a few kilograms up to a massive sewing machines. Girls are taught this from childhood because it is believed that because the load is distributed better than if they were carrying a load behind or in the hands.

Another notable feature of the country have become eye-catching prints and fabrics of bright colors, person black men.

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In Ghana it is perfectly fine to keep the interlocutor’s hand during a conversation, even when you’re talking with two men. They just have so accepted. Friendly. But homosexuality is illegal and punishable by law since the time of the conquest of Ghana by the United Kingdom.

Here gays are not only imprisoned, but also cast out of families, fired from their jobs, humiliated in the streets and generally punished in society.

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An integral part of any landscape in Ghana is trash. Here he’s everywhere, even on the white beach in the capital, Accra. It would seem that someone could come up with to throw on the sand blade, broken bottle or the lid from the toilet? But the Atlantic coast is buried in mountains of garbage, so swimming here, only the most desperate.

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Madame Acholi — woman-farmer. She wakes up every day at 4:30 in the morning, prepares six children Breakfast and sends them to school. Then waiting for her chores and already at seven in the morning Acualy does working on the plantation, performing is not a woman’s job. To the 11 farmer returns home in time to make dinner for the arrival of children from school. When everyone is finally fed, Guoli again goes to the farm to cut down the cocoa pods and scrape them from the beans. She only comes home a few hours later, the family prepares dinner and goes to bed, because tomorrow is another rise at 4:30 in the morning.

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In most Ghanaian schools, no electricity and no computers. However, the level of education is quite high. Children begin to attend schools from an early age and by three years able to read and write, and in adulthood is fluent not only in their native dialect but also in English.

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In some country schools, textbooks and desks is not enough at all. Therefore, the students sometimes five of us huddle around the wooden tables, which are put together along the raw Board.

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Ghanaians absolutely not concerned about the safety of his own life, as, indeed, the lives of others. To go to the oncoming lane to cross the busy highway and take the metal bars, holding them with the legs, is common.

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In many Ghanaian communities and villages women are still not allowed to get an education. During adolescence the girls don’t have time for this, because they have to help the family with housework: work on plantations, cook of the house soap or sewing clothes. And the grown-up girls it is time to have children, so the time for education only.

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In Ghana, it is customary to take the money in debt, but never to return. If in the family somebody was rich or had a cousin-a millionaire, on his doorstep and then there will be annoying friends and family members, eager to quickly take a tidy sum.

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Ghana is considered one of the most religious countries in the world. The majority of residents firmly believe in the existence of a higher power and try every possible way to approach the Lord, but not the traditional ways. For example, they are called to honor Jesus garages, Barber shops and clothing stores. Therefore, to see the signs Jesus Fashion Jesus Barber shop is in order.

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To the death of the Ghanaians are quite different, as is customary in Russia and other European countries. No mourning, sorrow and despair. At the funeral, they wear their best colourful outfits and coffins in its showiness and originality can compete with a birthday cake. If you want to be buried in the mobile phone, a Shoe, a bottle of Coca Cola or other favorite subject — the funeral service of Ghana will gladly help find you the perfect shape of a coffin.

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Despite the fact that more than half of all Ghanaians identify themselves as Christians in many villages and communities there is still a God. It could be a stone, a leaf, a bench or a tub with water.

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To child off the streets without work, the women tie it with a special rag to the back. So it is convenient to move and at the same time to chat with friends. Besides being in those bandages, children are much better.

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Despite the fact that in Ghana thrive devastation and poverty, local residents can safely assume that some of the most carefree people on the planet. Any problem they, like many other African Nations, retort with the phrase Hakuna Matata and make them truly happy, maybe even a small chocolate bar.