“Then do not let squeak”

“Then do not let squeak”

Vladimir Putin about a nuclear war, the Russian feature and breakthrough.

Vladimir Putin once again held a big press conference

This time the world trade Center gathered more than 1,700 journalists — so many that organizers had to ask the press not to bring posters larger than A3 size. Posters and signs journalists are usually trying to attract the attention of the President.

Curiously, the press conference is the Day of workers of the Federal security service (professional holiday FSB, FSO and other special services), and after talking with the press, Putin will go to the gala evening on the occasion of this date.

“Let’s move on to your questions and my attempts to answer them,” — said Putin.

On the feasibility of natsproekty make me say a few words about the feasibility of the projects. We need a breakthrough. We need to jump into the new economic order. Without this, the country has no future. You have to understand it.

“And how to do it? Just giving away money? First, it was necessary to find them. We were engaged in the formulation of the task and the search task throughout 2017”.

“We need to go into another League for the quality of the economy. This is the national projects.”

On why the government is little new ispravitelno and administration of the stress working on it. Here talking about small changes in government. These are the people who mostly — the basic unit of financial-economic — which worked on the development programme of the country until 2024. Them to answer for what they have planned.About whether overall work of the team of Medvedev

“In General, Yes.”

About counting Kudrin growth of the Russian economy

“Economic growth is 1 percent per year? He was like that when Alexei Leonidovich [Kudrin] was Deputy Prime Minister of the government. So there is nothing to blame the mirror, if face is crooked. So people say”.

“The second is mechanical so can not be considered”.

About chip Russia

“This is the traditional form [of production] in Russia, len. Len has always been our thing. Our pride”.

The fear of the Soviet people before the nuclear war

“Now, not afraid?”.

About underestimating this danger

“The danger of such developments in the world — it somehow obscures goes, it seems impossible or not as important. Meanwhile, if God forbid something like this occurs, it may lead to the death of an entire civilization. If not the entire planet. Serious question. And it is very unfortunate that this trend of underestimation is the place to be and growing”.

But if medium-range missiles will be in Europe, what do we do?

“Then do not let squeak”.

How can start a nuclear war

“He shot the submarine out of the oceans ballistic missile. Fuck knows — it nuclear or non-nuclear. Go figure it out there. This is a very dangerous thing.”