Putin urged the doubters in the may decrees “to make room for optimists”

Putin urged the doubters in the may decrees “to make room for optimists”

President Vladimir Putin during the annual big press conference explained the feasibility of establishing national projects, which some experts believe is impossible.

The issue of national projects, the launch of which gave supercat President, was asked by the news Agency TASS. She asked, is it possible to run these projects, and how well-researched criteria.

You need to understand, they (officials) can handle this or not? Of course, the question. And I said “it’s impossible”, but it is said by those who must achieve results. Let them not think that, let them work on the execution. And if you feel that you are not able to fulfill, then let free places for those who are optimistic and ready to work.Mr Putinprime Russia

“Yes, some question whether they do. But we need a break. We need to jump into a new technological way. Without this, the country has no future. Need to concentrate resources available. How to organise this work? Just give the money? Them, first you need to find. The government has been working hard on this all 2017. And what, just give money? 20,8 trillion rubles in 12 projects, another 6.5 billion for infrastructure,” — said Putin.

He explained that it was necessary to concentrate the tasks in “breakthrough documents”.

“Without setting clear objectives it is impossible to achieve the final result. So it was created 12 projects and infrastructure plan. There are health, education, science, human capital, which is a breakthrough. Also projects related to the economy and the digital economy”, — said Putin.