Drones over London’s Gatwick airport: aviakollaps raised tens of thousands of passengers

Drones over London’s Gatwick airport: aviakollaps raised tens of thousands of passengers

Thousands of passengers were stranded at London’s Gatwick airport, after due noticed over the airfield drones was closed runway.

Delayed flight of dozens of flights. Planes flying to Gatwick diverted to other airports and cities including London Heathrow and Luton, as well as in Manchester, Cardiff, Paris and Amsterdam.

According to recent reports, the collapse affected about 10 thousand people. Passengers departing from Gatwick on Thursday recommended to check their flight status before you leave home.

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According to operations Director, Gatwick Chris Woodruff, professionals looking for a drone, which, apparently, is still in the air. Many police outfits, in turn, looking for the man who drove the violated the work of the airport drones.

European organisation for the safety of air navigation Eurocontrol States that runway Gatwick will be closed for some time.

A similar incident occurred in July 2017. Then the drone flying in the vicinity of the runway at Gatwick, forced the Directorate twice in half an hour to close the runway.

Searching in the air and on the ground

The first time the airport was closed at nine o’clock in the evening local time on Wednesday, when over the airfield noticed two drones.

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At three in the morning the band opened, but after 45 minutes had to close again because of new reports of drones in the air.

In interview Bi-bi-si Chris Woodruff said that the two spacecraft flew over the perimeter fence of the airfield, occasionally approaching the runway, which caused it to fail in the timetable of the airport.