They wanted to go around the Earth and get rich. One went mad, another went down

They wanted to go around the Earth and get rich. One went mad, another went down

December 18, participant in the round the world race, the Golden Globe Susie Goodall arrived in Chile on the Hong Kong cargo ship “Tian Fu”. Two weeks ago she had to quit after a shipwreck in the southern ocean. The voyage lasted only five boaters who are trying to circumnavigate the globe alone without modern technology and stops. “” have found that they do.

By early December, the 28-year-old Briton Susie Goodall overcame most of the route. She’s five months did not set foot on the shore and left behind in Europe, Africa and Australia. The yacht was heading to the turning point of the voyage — Cape horn, after which she will only cross the Atlantic. Faster it was only three yachtsman, not so much.

NewsFlow in the Mariana trench was four times more than expected

In late October, the girl was caught in a violent storm and was really hoping the worst is over. At first, all did go well, but the good weather couldn’t hold forever. 4 Dec Goodall passed: “the Barometer makes me nervous.” Fears were not in vain. The next day the sky was covered with clouds and the wind picked up. “I dream of calm and sunshine, wrote the traveler. — A small fan of such waves”.

But this was only the beginning. After a few hours her ship was bursting at the nine-meter waves. “The boat’s great shakes — he managed to pass it. — What’s happening here?” Seeling then threw it on the wall of the cabins. She hit her head and lost consciousness.

When I woke up, the wind overturned the boat has filled with water, the broken mast was beyond repair, and most of the things and stock washed away in the sea. One thing remained: to print an emergency equipment to signal distress. “In need of a good Cup of tea. But warming, alas, nothing,” — grimly joked traveler, waiting for rescue.

Two days later she was picked up by a Hong Kong cargo ship “Tien Fu” from China to Argentina. 11 days later she went ashore in the Chilean city of Punta arenas.

I came here with a heavy heart, confessed Goodall expecting it to journalists. But the alternatives are worse.First

Goodall is right: the fate of her predecessors was more pitiable. Fifty years ago to finish the first Golden Globe race came from only one party — the British sailor Robin Knox-Johnston. He became the first person in history who made a single voyage around the world without stopping on land.

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Besides him, the sea came eight sailors. Four of them surrendered, not even reached the Indian ocean. Scot Chay Blyth, despite the lack of experience, reached the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa, and then also fizzled out. The Frenchman, Matisse, the last two thirds of the way faster all of a sudden disappointed in the race, stopped at Tahiti and lived for several years in the Pacific Islands. After that Knox-Johnston had only two rivals: Englishman Donald Crowhurst and Nigel Tetley from South Africa.

Crowhurst signed up to participate in the race for one reason: money. He believed that the prize Golden Globe is the only chance for salvation from bankruptcy. When his plan failed, he admitted it to themselves or others. Instead, a hapless businessman began to cut circles on the Atlantic, desperate to shore radioa fake coordinates. Then communication with the yacht was lost.

She was found 10 days later. Judging by the diary entries, Crowhurst slowly went mad and eventually committed suicide.

Tetley did not know about the deception. He was sure that Crowhurst sits on his tail, and mercilessly drove his trimaran “Victress”. Fragile plywood boat, which was his only home, was bursting at the seams, but Tetley thought that the time to repair no. In the end, “Victress” collapsed beneath him, when left to the finish 2.2 thousand kilometers. Traveler barely managed to get into the liferaft and to signal distress.

Single voyage Knox-Johnston had lasted 312 days. Over the past since 50 years to repeat and even surpass his achievement has managed little more than 200 people.