Profile Committee of the state Duma supported the bill on the return of Smoking in airports

Profile Committee of the state Duma supported the bill on the return of Smoking in airports

MOSCOW, December 18. /TASS/. The profile state Duma Committee on health protection on Wednesday recommended that the house adopt the first reading of the resonant bill, which establishes the possibility of tobacco Smoking in specially designated and isolated areas of the airports. The author of this initiative was made by United Russia Deputy Sergei Boyarsky.

“It appears that the proposed bill permitting Smoking in specially equipped ventilated areas of the airports will be warranted aimed at more effective protection from tobacco smoke-Smoking passengers and airport workers, the prevention of violations of anti-Smoking legislation”, — stated in the conclusion of the Committee that was approved at the meeting. Document has previously received the support of the Duma Committee, co – executor — transport and construction, but against his decision expressed the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

The newsGave us a scare

The bill proposes to specify that Smoking is allowed “in the dedicated semi-private rooms, which are equipped with ventilation systems and organized at airports in areas designed to find registered passengers after carrying out a pre-flight inspection, as well as in areas reserved for passengers in transit”.

Anti-Smoking law

Anti-Smoking law entered into force in all territory of Russia from 1 June 2013, it prohibits Smoking in schools and universities, cultural institutions and sports, beaches, stadiums, playgrounds and hospitals, not allowed to smoke on the territory of the sanatorium-resort institutions, within institutions and at the filling stations. Smoking is prohibited on Board the aircraft (earlier decision banning Smoking in airplanes took airlines), metro and all public transport. Smoking around and inside the stations, ports and airports is also considered a violation of the law. To smoke, you want to move away from the entrance to 15 m.