Christmas of Millennials: the Network has launched a new flashmob

Christmas of Millennials: the Network has launched a new flashmob

And it is rather sad.

Everything in our world is changing — even holiday traditions. On the eve of Christmas and New year on user page @MidweekMinute in Twitter there was a post that asked about modern Christmas traditions under the hashtag #millennialchristmastraditions (“Christmas traditions of the Millennials”).

The hashtag immediately went viral: the number of records with him just a couple of days exceeded a few thousand. Only here the cheerful and optimistic, these posts are unlikely to be called.

Sitting around staring at their phones.*

*Also a tradition for New Year’s, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and all other holidays.


— Cheveux Blancs (@8873422) 12 December 2018.

To sit and stare at your phone (it is also a tradition on New year’s, Easter and other holidays).

Holiday shopping at the dollar store, cuz that’s all you can afford


— Jess ??? (@jessiejess1228) 12 December 2018.

Purchase gifts in the shop “All for 1 dollar” because that’s all you can afford.

#MillennialChristmasTraditions Tweet Santa your Christmas list.

— Cuban Bot (@RC91681842) 12 December 2018.

Post it in your Twitter wish list for Santa.

Selfie Xmas Cards! #MillennialChristmasTraditions

— Charles (@cerrig) 15 December 2018.

A selfie instead of a Christmas card.

No christmas tree because its too expensive #MillennialChristmasTraditions

— Taylor (@taysusan1027) 17 Dec 2018

No Christmas tree, because it’s expensive.

The majority of users who identify themselves as Millennials, mostly complain about the lack of money and housing, prefer social media instead of live contact with relatives and friends and talk a lot about healthy lifestyles, social rights and freedom. Although some of the modern traditions and very funny, for example, competition for the ugliest Christmas sweater.

Leaving Santa cookies vegan #MillennialChristmasTraditions

— ET Phone-hoe (@ett87) 12 December 2018.

Leave Santa cookies vegan.

#MillennialChristmasTraditions: Finding creative ways to wrap their gifts of whatever.

— Empress of the Universe (@Kthhigley1) 12 December 2018.

Creative and unusual packaging of any gifts.

Free Gifs instead of Gifts #MillennialChristmasTraditions

— Henrietta Virgin Mary (@stickcandy54) 12 December 2018.

Sharing gifs instead of gifts.

Participation trophies at the ugly sweater party #MillennialChristmasTraditions

— Tom Puckett (@TomPuckettWBEN) 12 December 2018.

To participate in the competition for the ugliest Christmas sweater.

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