Burying his head in the sand amphibian was named after trump’s

Burying his head in the sand amphibian was named after trump’s

The right to come up with the name was sold at auction.

Amphibian, recently opened in Panama, call Dermophis donaldtrumpi in honor of the President of the United States Donald trump.

Not previously known to science, the creature belongs to the genus of pachyderms cermag. This is a blind species which has the habit to bury head in the sand.

Introducing Dermophis donaldtrumpi: a blind creature that buries its head in the sand ?https://t.co/tAvAp6cbir pic.twitter.com/Ne2xLjavsN

— Elena MM, PhD (@ElenaMinones) 18 Dec 2018

The right to choose a name bought at auction the head of the British construction company EnviroBuild Aidan bell. He paid for it 25 thousand dollars. Bell said that the habits of amphibians similar to the attitude of the President of the United States to global warming. In EnviroBuild said they wanted to raise public awareness about the problem of climate change.

Dermophis donaldtrumpi.
New amphibian species named after the person elected by US people as president. https://t.co/PSCf5R7CZF pic.twitter.com/NpNG3Ogc9S

— Tibor Hartel (@harteltibor) 18 Dec 2018

Trump has repeatedly expressed skepticism about the facts that prove global warming. The US President called scientists investigating the question, “sucking money smart”. In 2017, the United States came out of the Paris climate agreement, which provides for the allocation of $ 100 billion to developing countries for climate solutions.

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