“Zapashny just afraid of competition”

“Zapashny just afraid of competition”

Mikhail Gutseriev in an interview with “Kommersant FM” on the statements of Edgard zapashnogo.

Mikhail Gutseriev will sue the Edgard zapashnogo for libel. About it the businessman has told in interview “Kommersant FM”. The dispute between them broke out because of the funding of the circus. Zapashny said that the group “Safmar” Gutseriev is embedded in the canadian Cirque du Soleil and it opens up the site in the next year. And all this, in his opinion, may cause damage to the domestic artists. Well-known trainer told Vladimir Putin at the Council for culture and the arts last weekend.

Edgard Zapashny just President lied and distorted all the facts, told “Kommersant FM” Mikhail Gutseriev. In an interview with the businessman added that the success in business irritate competitors, hence such attack in his address. Talked to Mr Rasulov.

— What is your first reaction to these statements?

— When I saw it at the presidential level, known, outstanding people of the country, artists, art under the President, with the Vice President want with authority, under the Minister blatantly, shamelessly lying, I want to put this CAD in place, and I began with him to fight.

The fight, that is for the public to tell the truth, how it all works. And he, of course, I’ll sue you, force you to apologize.

— You will submit the claim about protection of honor and dignity or for libel?

— It is libel. Because the concert hall “Amphion” is an ordinary concert hall, as “Olympic” as the others, as the same Kremlin hall there are shows, concerts, matinees, just rent, “Crocus” — the common hall, and there’s theatres, musicals are held, weddings are held, theatrical performances. This is an ordinary concert hall, which concluded the contract rent. Now negotiating, du Soleil has signed with us that six weeks, I think it will be to rent it. Negotiations with the UFC is the leading promotion of mixed martial arts tournaments — the tournaments at the site of the concert hall. Negotiations with Main Events is a company which is a leader in professional Boxing — the conduct of world championship fights, including with the participation of Russian companies. Negotiations are also underway with a company that plans on spending in these concert halls, touring or touring international stars there.