The Germans did not have enough Santas

The Germans did not have enough Santas



Christmas for German children can be marred because of the lack of Santa Claus, said on Saturday, December 15, the British newspaper the Times.

In Germany, families are traditionally invited to the home of Santa Claus reading poems, telling stories and singing songs to children.

The role of the wizards are basically on students who are showing less interest in such jobs, despite the fact that earnings Santa Claus for a visit can reach €100, said Inotv.

Causes intense study, in General most employment of students in universities and the decline of the Christian faith.

The Berlin office of Santa Claus taking about 2.5 thousand applications annually, said that his staff has dropped from 500 to less than 200 employees.

An acute shortage of Santa Claus originated in the Eastern States of Germany, such as Saxony and Brandenburg.

On 8 December it was reported about detention in the US man who told kids that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.