The actor died of “a curve mirror”

The actor died of “a curve mirror”

In Tashkent, died party humorous teleperedachi “Distorting mirror” Offense Asomov. This was stated by Instagram artist Yevgeny Petrosyan.


Asimov died of heart disease on 56-m to year of life.

“Two weeks ago I was on tour in Tashkent, spent two wonderful days. It was the man exudes joy, he gave smiles, the humor in it forever rioted with fireworks, and suddenly this unexpected death,” said Petrosyan.

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Offense Asimov became famous in Uzbekistan in 1993, when he founded his own theatre “Offense”. In the late 2000s he began to speak in Russian TV program “full House” and “Distorting mirror”.

From 2009 to 2017 Asomov creativity was forbidden in Uzbekistan: he was accused of “mockery of the persons of the Uzbek nationality.” In may 2018, he was rehabilitated and was promoted to Director of GUP “animation Studio”.