Laboratory in Israel, raised artificial steak

Laboratory in Israel, raised artificial steak

Such meat may be on sale in 3-4 years.


The first steak that does not require the slaughter of cows, created by scientists in Israel.

Yet artificial meat are not ready to enter the market. It’s a prototype, the production of which costs 50 dollars for a small portion with a thickness of 5 mm. It is relatively inexpensive: the first lab-grown hamburger in 2013 was worth EUR 250,000.

“We’re shaping the future of the meat industry – literally,” said Didier Toubia, co-founder & CEO of @AlephFarms

— Nearly (@Nearly) 14 Dec 2018

The taste laboratory of the steak still needs to improve, but this is the first meat with muscle structure, which is grown without killing an animal.

If the development will be completed, it will mark the emergence of a new food industry. In addition, the artificial meat will help to reduce the impact of livestock on the environment and global warming.

In other laboratories already produce cells of beef, chicken, duck and pork, but for products without the meat fibers such as burgers and nuggets. Artificially created meat products are not yet sold to consumers.

According to Didier, Tobia, co-founder and CEO of Aleph Farms, lab-grown steaks will be sold not earlier than through three-four years.

Steak is produced using a mixture of cells grown in a special environment. To start the process needed fetal bovine serum, which acts as a kind of “leaven”.

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