China is ramping up production of cockroaches

China is ramping up production of cockroaches

Insects help fight disease and clean up the planet.


In China is gaining popularity in the business of breeding cockroaches on an industrial scale. As it turned out, these insects will help to solve the global problems of mankind.

Cockroach farm in China the Xichang (Sichuan province) is the largest in the world and not only in China. The farm is owned Gooddoctor pharmaceutical companies and has more than 6 billion inhabitants. Here they are born and die. Then they are steamed, washed, dried, and then sent into a huge tank to extract.

It is used for medical purposes. For example, weight-loss drugs, hair loss and beauty masks.

“The essence of the cockroach is good for treatment of ulcers in the mouth and stomach ulcers, skin damage and even cancer of the stomach,” he told Reuters managing cockroach farm company Gooddoctor Wen Jianguo.

These farms all over China are increasing, because the cockroaches are good not only for cosmetic industry. They are able to solve much more important problems of modern China. For example, the problem of waste processing.

This problem is one of the most difficult in the country. The companies are not able to process all produced billion people garbage. Dump China scored as its own waste, and waste from all over the world. The government has already decided to ban imports of 56 types of waste. But with their waste to China still need to overcome.

And then came to the aid of the cockroaches, who are happy to destroy food waste.

On the outskirts of Jinan (Shandong province) is a farm, where a billion cockroaches daily absorbs up to 50 tons of food waste. This farm operated by Shandong Qiaobin Agricultural Technology, which plans next year to open three more of the same “processing plant”. This will allow you to cope with a third of total food waste of Jinan.

The “processors” in the future, in a sense, put themselves on the cuisine of the Chinese. Cockroaches is a valuable and convenient source of protein for livestock and bred in captivity fish.

Recently in China in the fight against African swine fever has imposed a ban on feeding animals food waste. Then agriculture became an additional market for cockroach farms.