The experts identified the regions with the most expensive new year’s table

The experts identified the regions with the most expensive new year’s table

MOSCOW, 15 Dec — RIA Novosti. Residents of Yakutia at the upcoming holidays anticipates the most expensive basic new year’s table — $ 447 per person, and Orenburg will pay on average, half — 221 rubles per person, told RIA Novosti the manufacturer online-Cass “Motor” citing data from their terminals installed in thousands of grocery stores in the cities of Russia.


In a basic set of products for the Christmas table, according to the company, includes: house salad “Olivier” salad with sausage and a house salad “Herring under a fur coat” (at 150 grams per person) two glasses of champagne, a sandwich with red caviar, sandwich with salmon, cheese and sausage platter (50 grams), three tangerine and one Apple per person.

“The cost of the basic new year’s table, which includes the most popular and “must-have” for the Russian products and dishes, in the Orenburg region will amount to 221 rubles per person, in Yakutia — 447 rubles per person. This is the cheapest and the most expensive “Christmas tables” in Russia”, — told in the press service of the company.

Also very affordable prices are waiting for residents of Stavropol, Novosibirsk, Lipetsk and Omsk. And the high price tags, according to “Motor” will, in addition to the Yakutia, Primorsky Krai, Murmansk, Magadan, Vologda. A resident of Moscow will pay for a basic Christmas table 354 rubles, from St. Petersburg — 313 rubles.

Average price of the underlying new year’s table in Russia are estimated at 295 rubles per person.

In particular, a bottle of champagne on the average cost of 223 Russian ruble. Most of all for her to pay back the residents of Yakutia — 431 rouble, less than all — in Kurgan oblast — 141 rubles. And home the “Olivier” in Russia on average will cost 25 rubles per person.

“Dora the salad will be on the tables of residents of Vologda and the Magadan region — 39 and 43 rubles per serving, the cheapest in Irkutsk and Moscow — 17 and 19.5 rubles per serving,” calculated “Motore”. While the most expensive mayonnaise is fixed in Yakutia — 252 rubles per kilogram, the cheapest — in Tver, 113 rubles, the average price of Russia — 149 rubles per kilogram.

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