Hackers told about the plans of great Britain to mine the Sevastopol

Hackers told about the plans of great Britain to mine the Sevastopol

The hacker group Anonymous posted new documents on the activities of the British think-tank Integrity Initiative.


From materials follows that the center receives funding from a certain Institute of public administration, under the leadership of Christopher Donnelly. Hackers have posted in the open access of his passport, resume, and information about its relationship with the UK Ministry of defence.

According to documents, in 2014, Donnelly has put forward a number of proposals to the British authorities in connection with the situation in Crimea. In particular, he planned to mine the Sevastopol Bay, surrounded by the Peninsula troops, and destroy the rest in the Crimea aircraft “sign of seriousness”.

The hackers also claim that Donnelly was the initiator of the investigation, “the Russian intervention” in the referendum on independence in Catalonia. He invited members of the Spanish branch of the Integrity Initiative as witnesses. According to the group, Donnelly received money from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain.

“British intelligence paid its own agents for evidence of Russian interference in the Catalan referendum, and then ordered them to lie in Parliament to persuade them to take anti-Russian step,” write the hackers.