Solar probe Parker sent the starry crown

Solar probe Parker sent the starry crown

Solar probe Parker flew to the Sun at a record distance, breaking the speed record, and now is sending back information received.


Received from the satellite photo you can see the plasma emitted by the Sun into space.

A bright spot in the picture is nothing short of Jupiter. Black dots are repeated image of the planet, they arose because of the shooting conditions.

The photo was taken November 8 at the distance of only 27.2 million kilometres from the surface of the Sun. The camera was pointed sideways, under the guise of the heat shield.

The mission, NASA went to the sun in August 2018, to study its outer atmosphere (the solar corona).

The newsfor the first time NASA was able to record the noise of the wind on Mars

The outer atmosphere of a star is many times hotter than the surface of the star, the temperature of which is up to 6 thousand degrees Celsius, whereas the solar corona is heated to several million degrees. Scientists have not yet figured out why this is happening.

Parker tries to uncover the mystery. To do this, he will fly through the solar corona to study the particles and magnetic and electric fields.