Putin urged the youth to choose wisely the professional way

Putin urged the youth to choose wisely the professional way

YAROSLAVL, December 13. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the young people wisely choose a professional way that their knowledge helped Russia to maintain leadership and to obtain new competencies.


“This [maintaining leadership in individual sectors and the country’s gaining of new competencies] will happen only if people of your age with the help of your teachers on time, be properly oriented to what will be engaged, — he said at an open lesson “the direction of the breakout”. — Generally find themselves in life — most importantly, this is the first step to success”. “If there’s fascination, be sure and victory”, — said the head of state. Putin has reminded that on support of youth creativity this year it is allocated about 5 billion roubles more than in previous years:

It is the means of state support, which will give you the opportunity to Express themselves and to take the first step. I want he was you successful.

The President noted that Russia is not a leader in terms of population among other countries. According to him, the new technological revolution could give Russia the possibility to eliminate it. “It gives us the opportunity to keep the lead where we have long been, and to obtain new competencies where they will be needed for future development, — said Putin.

And it already eliminates, reduces risk due to the fact that we are not leaders in terms of population. If we have brains, if we are able to use them competently, it means that we will maintain leadership.Mr Putinprime Russia Personal initiative

The President also urged young people not to wait for guidance from the state, and to take their destinies into their hands, because 90% of success in life depends on the person.

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“The most important thing is to never expect any kind of guideline. We have a very paternalistic state has always been, this is partly good, because it keeps the tradition, — he said at an open lesson “the direction of the breakout”. But on the other hand, each person individually needs to understand that 90% of his personal success will depend on him personally.” Putin has noticed that in areas where there is support, including the state, it is necessary to use. “A network of such support will be wider in later years, more substantial,” he said.

“But each of you should own to find their way in life, to take their fate into their own hands, otherwise we won’t succeed,’ he said, turning to the young people. It was their only personal initiative and hard work on oneself.” Putin urged not to wait for that “good uncle will bring something,” and to act like the revolutionary song:

No one will help us: neither God nor king nor a hero.

In response to the words that some do not see prospects because of its origin, the head of state reminded about Mikhail Lomonosov. “At the University, as we know, the family were fishermen, mostly, still partly engaged in Commerce”, he said. According to Putin, this did not prevent University to become an eminent global scientist.