Learn to take the money out of nowhere, the Aussie was feeling a little guilty

Learn to take the money out of nowhere, the Aussie was feeling a little guilty

Australian resident Dan Sanders (Dan Saunders) got out of prison and revealed the way in which he tricked a cash machine and was able to lead a luxurious life for a few months. This publication reports The West Australian.


In 2011, a resident of the state of Victoria night tried to translate 200 Australian dollars (9.6 thousand) from card to a Bank account and to remove them. On the ATM screen there was a message that the operation failed, however, cash was issued.

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“Curiosity overcame me, and I went to the ATM again and decided to see if I can get another $ 200, or $ 500, or 600…” — said Saunders. Each time the machine gave him the money, and they are not written off from balance. Later, he realized that at night the ATM was being serviced and did not register the transaction, but gave out money.

Over the next four months, the man withdrew and spent so 1.6 million Australian dollars (76,8 million). He dined at the most expensive restaurants every night, bought alcohol to strangers at the bar, played cards in the casino and even rented a private plane to fly it on vacation to the Islands with friends. “Pretty quickly you get used to take the money out of nowhere and can spend it and spend it,” he admitted.

The Australian seemed quite strange that it does not get caught, so every day he spent as the last time. He once was able to stop, thinking that now it will catch.

“I asked myself the question: “is the international criminal who is going to convert all the money and disappear forever?” And answered it in the negative,” thought Saunders, and then surrendered to the Bank.

The man was imprisoned for a year on charges of theft and fraud. After his release from prison he returned to work in a restaurant and admits she never again tried to cheat the ATM machine.