In France shot and killed a suspect in the shooting in Strasbourg

In France shot and killed a suspect in the shooting in Strasbourg

French police shot and killed 29-year-old Sheriff Jakatta. It is suspected that he opened fire in Strasbourg. On 13 December, reported France Info.


On the evening of 13 December Cecat opened fire in the Neudorf district of Strasbourg. Police cordoned off the quarter and shot the suspect. According to the Agency, Checkett was hiding in one of the warehouses in the city centre. On his quest sent more than 700 police officers.

On the evening of 11 December in Strasbourg city centre, close to Christmas fair shooting occurred. Then there was information that three people were killed and another 13 were injured, eight of them seriously injured.

Opened fire the man was wounded in a shootout with a soldier. The gunman escaped from the scene. Police conducted a special operation to find the suspect but failed.

The radio station France Info, citing a source in the police reported that the suspect — 29-year-old inhabitant of Strasbourg, the Sheriff Cecat. On the morning of 11 December, the police had to arrest a man on suspicion of murder, but he was not home. During a search of his apartment found a grenade. The Agency DPA with reference to the sources reported that the shooter was deported from Germany to France in 2017.

Later, the Prosecutor of Paris, Remy Yates said that the suspect had 27 previous convictions for crimes in France, Germany and Switzerland. He said that after the shooting, two people were killed and another was wounded in the head and now is in a vegetative state.

The mayor of Strasbourg Roland Rice said that the shooting in the town centre wore a terrorist nature.