Fisherman saddled a whale to save him from the nets (video)

Fisherman saddled a whale to save him from the nets (video)

The operation completed successfully.


Grand operation to rescue the whale was conducted by the fishermen engaged in commercial fishing eels off the coast of California.

“We were returning after fishing and saw a whale, whose buoy caught on the tail,” said a fisherman named Nicholas.

The crew noticed a humpback whale at a distance less than a kilometer. They don’t quite understand what happened, so he brought the ship closer. As it turned out, a big old whale was entangled in the meshes. They kept him in one place. The whale was rotated in a counterclockwise direction, but the sail couldn’t.

The fishermen called the coast guard and waited for help. When it became clear that no one is going to help them, men have decided to release the whale.

One of the fishermen named Sam put on a life jacket, jumping in the water, swam to the whale and tried to climb on his back. It failed him three times. The attempt was caught on video.

“Come on, before he dove in!” — cheered the brave colleagues. Keith, meanwhile, was making angry sounds, and beat with his tail and nearly knocked the phone out of his hands removed. Then he calmed down, perhaps realizing that he was trying to help.

The fisherman managed to cut the network, and the freed whale swam away under the cheers of the rescuers.

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