At the McMurdo station in Antarctica killed two people

At the McMurdo station in Antarctica killed two people

WASHINGTON, December 14 — RIA Novosti. Two people were killed in the incident at the Antarctic station McMurdo, reported on Thursday the national science Foundation of the USA, responsible for the funding of science and technology.


The incident occurred on Tuesday local time at the facility where the generator is located, which is the power of local radio. The victims were employees who were engaged in fire protection facilities.

“Employees engaged in preventive maintenance of fire fighting system in the building”, — stated in the message. The pilot of the helicopter that was waiting for technicians after work, found them lying on the floor with no signs of life.

The victims, whose names were not named, were subcontractors of a large firm Leidos, which was hired by the Antarctic program of the United States.

The cause of death of people out of suspicion of committing crimes for the moment.

McMurdo — the largest settlement in Antarctica with a population of over 1.2 thousand people. Is the largest research station on the continent.

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