The monkeys have taken over government buildings in India (video)

The monkeys have taken over government buildings in India (video)

They are afraid of slingshots, brooms and humans disguised as monkeys.


The following year, the Indian government will fight for a new term in power, but until then he has to solve a much more “serious” problem — the invasion of the monkeys.

At least 4,000 Rhesus Macaque monkeys are taking over the area around government buildings in New Delhi. Take a look:

— CBS7 (@CBS7News) 12 December 2018.

Macaque monkeys have become a real threat to offices in new Delhi. They make their way into the house, snatching cell phones, stealing food and terrorizing passers-by.

Monkeys captured in the area of government buildings and business centers, they roam the roofs, windowsills and fences. Animals became a real terror officials, as often steal or snatch things — sometimes even documents.

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Before the winter session of Parliament authorities have extended recommendations, which I ask not to provoke the monkeys, look them in the eye and stay away from females with kids.

Rapid urbanization, reduced forest area and forced the monkeys to move to cities in search of food.

In addition, many Hindus consider it their religious duty to feed the monkeys, after all, the revered Hindu monkey-like deity Hanuman. Monkeys get used to people and lose their sense of fear. Thus, if the monkeys suddenly stop to get what you want, they become aggressive.

Monkeys run riot in New Delhi, causing headaches for officials.

— PerthNow (@perthnow) 12 December 2018.

Law enforcement documented several deaths due to the attacks of these animals.

Macaque-rhesus in India are protected by law. While the official estimate of their number is missing.

The country has tried several ways of dealing with the arbitrariness of monkeys. Yet the most successful solution is to hire a team of workers and disguise them under gulmanov -monkeys with a black muzzle, which is macaque-rhesus afraid.

In team pseudo-gulmanov included 40 people. The people they have been called “scared monkeys”. Men disguised as monkeys roam around town and scare away monkeys. But it helps temporarily. As soon as the “gurmany” out of sight, the monkeys come back and continue to misbehave.

A primatologia have called for the sterilisation of monkeys, moving them into the forests and for the repeal of the ban on their capture and export.

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