The Australian found the spider too caring

The Australian found the spider too caring

The cubs stuck to the mother from all sides.


A resident of Australia Erin-Claire barrow writes and illustrates children’s books about famous women that are struggling with their fears. So when during a walk in the mountains, she saw an unusual spider, overcame my fear and leaned in very close to photograph the creature.

Erin-Claire Barrow found the creature on Mount Majura in the suburbs of Canberra:

— Mark Fletcher (@openvillainy) 13 December 2018.

Upon closer examination, the spider turned out to be female, which is carefully transferred to the belly of a huge brood of spiderlings. The cubs were so numerous that they swarmed the mother from all sides.

“My friend said, carefully, suddenly it will jump. I really stooped very low to take a picture,” said barrow.

Arthropod photo belongs to the family of spiders-Volkov. They live everywhere except Antarctica. It is a quiet predators. They do not attack, but if they bother, can bite.

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Mothers are very protective of their offspring. When the little spiders hatch, the female picks them up on the abdomen and carries until until they learn how to forage for food.

At the same time on pauchiha can be from 40 to 100 spiderlings. They often cover the whole body of the mother, so the free space leaving only the eyes.

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