“I think I lost myself”. As an actor Leonid Bykov predicted his own death

“I think I lost myself”. As an actor Leonid Bykov predicted his own death

12 Dec known artist would have turned 90 years old.


Young Leon, the Bulls wanted “to be like Chkalov”. He told a friend the boys that will soon begin to surf the heavenly spaces, as it does famous pilot. Was 1943, raged the Great Patriotic war, the family Bykov lived in Barnaul in the evacuation. Lena was not yet 15 years old when he went to the recruiting office. Puny kid told the commanders that he 18-year-old volunteer who is willing to put life, protecting the borders of their homeland. Of course, to the front Bykov did not take, advised to grow.

He did just that. A little older and two years later, in 1945, went to enroll in flight school. But Bykov is received and expelled. Say a month after its receipt, the teachers decided that he will never grow up to pilot student growth 163 cm flight case for some reason did not work.

What if all roads to heaven are closed? Leonid decided: let it not be a real pilot in life, but they will be able to be on stage and on screen.

So the Bulls entered the Kharkov theatre Institute. Theatre, film life began to turn, began to improve. Viewers noticed the actor with an unusual appearance after a small role in “tiger tamer”, and the whole country got the name of Leonid Bykov, when the screens went “Maxim Perepelitsa”. And although this film had great success, bulls on the streets and began to learn to call or Maxim Perepelitsa.

“Go for the salary. Ashamed…”

Leonid himself such a glory is not much-liked. He was afraid of becoming an actor one role, so of the characters, something resembling the notorious Perepelitsa, constantly refused. He said that he would like to do something meaningful in life instead of playing on the needs of the public.

In 1958 he presented at last such an occasion. Alexei Batalov Bykov was invited to play a major role in his film “the Overcoat”. The actor lit up, has already started to rehearse. But in the Kharkov theatre, where at that time he had served, to give leave at the time of filming and refused. Role in the end still went to the bulls, but Roland.