“ADO about nothing”, “Russia 24” explained the plot of “the most modern robot” Boris

“ADO about nothing”, “Russia 24” explained the plot of “the most modern robot” Boris

In the air “Russia 24” commented on the news that the TV station issued an animator in a suit for a real robot. The story of “the most modern robot” Boris, who turned out to be a real person, has become a major Internet news of the day on Tuesday.

Noise out of nothing: who ganged up on robot BorisAt boot time the error occurred.

The TV station has accused the media of “a certain kind” in the unfair hype and the desire to present the situation as if the state broadcaster wanted to introduce their viewers to the confusion:

Naturally, the possibilities that an event opens for pupils — not noticed. Chose to mock some of the language.Leading

According to him, the robot Boris “devoted a lot of Internet pages.” “Somewhere spent the whole investigation, seriously analyzed the video frames. Argued, why not the miracle of technology, but a human animator. Naturally, the topic quickly picked up the Ukrainian press, well, the tone of these publications already — humiliating,” said the host, adding that the newsmaker has aroused up from a “not very successful artistic solution”.

NewsIn the sea let the robot-Medusa (video)

The author of the story, the correspondent of “Vesti. Yaroslavl” (there was held the youth forum “Proektoriya”. — Esquire) Arseny Kondratyev said that “he was fully confident that everything is similar with Santa Claus all definitely know the animator in a suit.” He noted that the forum kids — and all projects are presented in the form of models, for example, railway. “After all, no one doubted that in this example, the children will study the present draft of the present railway junctions and trains on the remote control. That’s the same with this robot,” he explained to Kondratyev.

Also on the broadcast showed the actor dressed as “Robot Alyosha” and several students who told me that once learned in the robot person.

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