Zakharov was justified for the repair problem due to NTV

Zakharov was justified for the repair problem due to NTV

The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova explained his participation in the program “the Country answer” on NTV.


In an interview with The Insider, the diplomat said he did not consider a new luxury terrace on a rustic plot of bribe.

The journalists suggested that the official might violate the anti-corruption legislation, accepting the gift. But Zakharov believes that in this situation acted not as a state employee, and as the daughter of her parents who were in need of repair. Conflict of interest in the current situation it sees.

According to Zakharova, she and her family “for many years”, wrote applications to the editor TV program, hoping to participate.

She claims she did it “in the same way, as do millions of other people.” Besides, she added, the show has been agreed with the employer.

Foreign Ministry spokesman said that lead the life of ordinary Russians. “I use public transport, buy groceries in “Auchan”, “Auchan”, “Magnet”, for the garden and repairs, buy everything in “Leroy”. Clothing domestic. Rest in Russia”, — said Zakharov.

Maria Zakharova believes a violation participation in the program NTV “holiday response” in which in the summer cottage her parents built a veranda

Zakharov stressed that in this situation acted not as a government employee, and as дочери

— Echo of Moscow (@EchoMskRu) 11 Dec 2018

Team “Suburban response” was built on the site of a family zakharovykh a new house and furnished it with antique furniture. Such a gift to a civil servant was ambiguously perceived by the audience.

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