The protracted for space applications

The protracted for space applications

In 2018, it became known that the launch to the ISS Russian module “Science” once again tolerated. Also moved the launch date of the main space Observatory 2020-ies “James Webb” and the manned Dragon V2 spacecraft. Two major projects of Russian space Agency, nuclear power installation and a manned spacecraft “Federation” is also clearly not meet the deadline. “Attic” tried to look up at space and protracted to understand why this is so.


Simple answer to this question, however, is not. Multiple delays and failed projects, which eventually turned into a phenomenal success (“Hubble” and the first rocket, Elon musk, Falcon 1) — programs that ended in nothing (the Soviet lunar project). The participation of the military, scientists, or business does not in itself give any assurance: all were picked from the graphs, all did not fit into the estimates, and all have something broken, burned or exploded on the launch.

The first reason: something wrong on earth.

Different kind of trouble are ranked on a scale of “emergency situation” — “crash” — “the catastrophe”. All of this delays the work on any space project, and the delay can be several years, even in the case of emergency situation when there are no casualties or massive destruction.