The congressmen called for the introduction of sanctions against “Northern stream — 2”

The congressmen called for the introduction of sanctions against “Northern stream — 2”

The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress approved a resolution that MPs favour the introduction of sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2” and call on European countries to withdraw from the project, reports Bloomberg.


The document says that the Russian pipeline would be a “radical step backwards for European energy security and US interests”. Parliamentarians call on President Donald trump to “use all available means to support European energy security” through diversification of energy supplies to reduce dependence of the European market from Russia.

The resolution is not binding, however, emphasizes the growing opposition to the “Nord stream — 2” from Congress, said Bloomberg. The US has the ability to impose sanctions against Russian export pipelines and associated construction of European companies according to the law “On countering enemy of America” (CAATSA), and such options are considered, pointed out assistant Secretary of state for energy Francis Fannon.

The administration of U.S. President opposed the “Nord stream — 2”, considering it a political project of Russia to put pressure on Europe, and aims to increase the supply on the European market for American liquefied natural gas. Trump said that because of the dependence on Russian gas, Germany would become “a hostage of Russia”.

“Nord stream — 2” to pass through Baltic sea from Russia to Germany. Two lines of the pipeline will be laid through the exclusive economic zone and the territorial zone of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.