Survivors of the fire cat month waiting for owners at the burned house

Survivors of the fire cat month waiting for owners at the burned house

A very touching story.


In the California town of Paradise, which was affected by the terrible fire of camp, thousands of residents remained without a roof over your head. This fate befell Courtney Werblow. The girl family managed to escape, but are unable to keep your cat timber — she stayed at my parents ‘ house.

Knowing about the happy stories of animals that survived during the California fire, Courtney and her husband continued to hope for the best.

Only a month after the incident, the pair managed to get to the place where the burned house parents.

Security reasons Paradise police are still not allowed into the territory all comers, and the former residents are required to obtain special permission to enter.

Burnt down his parent’s house, Courtney saw a small bright spot. She realized that it was her favorite timber. A touching video of the meeting, the American was soon published in Facebook.

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First cat reacted to the appearance of the hostess warily. But, realizing who is in front of her, ran up and started eating poured for her food. And the landlady, judging by his voice, began to cry. At the end of the video the girl also revealed that near the ruins, where he found her cat, stood a deer.

Video in a few days gained more than 500 million views and 2 thousand comments. People wrote that he is very excited for Courtney and timber, and many even admitted that the movie made them cry.


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