To jump into the departing aircraft. Inexpensive where to go for New year

To jump into the departing aircraft. Inexpensive where to go for New year

Before the New year remained only three weeks, and someone has not yet decided on plans for the holidays. Aephi analyzed the price of tickets and chose the most budget options.


For those who want to celebrate the New year abroad, but do not have time to plan your trip, we have selected five areas with the tickets are not more expensive than 12 thousand rubles in both ends.


Germany is the birthplace of Christmas markets. In December even in small German towns hang garlands, put up tents with mulled wine, sweets, Christmas toys and other gifts.

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Cheaper in the New year to go to Berlin — 9800 rubles for direct flights on the route “there and back” (from 25 December to 1 January, the price includes hand Luggage). In the German capital is more profitable to rent an apartment — a week stay in a private apartment with all amenities will cost 28 thousand rubles for two. If seven days in Berlin seem a lot, from here buses go to Leipzig (journey time 3.5 hours, the ticket costs about 750 rubles one way) or Dresden (2 — 2.5 hours and 750 rubles for a ticket).

Another cheap German direction Munich. Tickets from Moscow and back will cost over 11700 rubles (from 26 December to 5 January). The direct flight, the price includes hand Luggage. Housing here is cheaper than in Berlin — apartments for 10 nights will cost 35,000 rubles. But from Munich, by the way, you can go to Austria (Innsbruck) or in Switzerland (Zurich). Bus tickets will cost 600 rubles (one way, journey time about 2 hours) and 1,200 rubles (one way, journey time 3.5 hours), respectively.


The cheapest tickets to the New year with the return of the 1st of January. Perhaps the carriers are guided by the fact that not every passenger will be able to lift yourself in the morning first day of the year and collect things.

For example, direct flights from Moscow to Budapest and back can now be bought for 5700 rubles (the price includes hand Luggage). There 24 Dec, back to 1 January, and even at 5 in the morning, but you can not go to bed after the celebration, and once to go to the airport (just make sure in advance of a taxi).

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For our dates in Budapest you can rent an apartment for 26200 thousand rubles.

Here are a few ideas where you can go from Budapest: the town of Eger, with its old castle, baths and vineyards. Or the cozy Szentendre, which is considered the artistic capital of Hungary (so there’s a lot of museums and galleries). Or a symbol of Hungary’s lake Balaton.