The use of gadgets thins the baby’s brain

The use of gadgets thins the baby’s brain

Scientists have published the first results of a study in which they tried to explore the influence of different external stimuli on the brain.


The national Institute of health, USA has spent over 300 million dollars to for several years to watch 11 thousands of children and watch children’s developing psyche.

According to Bloomberg, the authors have examined only the first portion of the data. They drew attention to the difference in brain structure in children of ten and nine years of age — only the doctors examined more than 4.5 thousands of images of the brain. Those who spend on gadgets no less than seven hours a day, whether it’s games or other activities on the Internet, the researchers noticed a thinning of the prefrontal cortex. In patients who were less watching a screen, similar changes were not observed.

Project Director Gaya Dowling urged colleagues not to jump to conclusions, assuming that you don’t have changes were caused by the screens. “We are not yet sure that these consequences are clearly negative character,” she added. The specialists will complete the analysis of the information in the first half of 2019.

Earlier this year scientists were trying to determine if video games at the cruelty of players and are unable to get a positive response to your question. Neuroscientists have refuted the prejudice that gamers are more prone to aggression in real life. Another group of experts last summer, and even stated that the game in VR is made to tumble.