In “ugly” Russian city fell black snow

In “ugly” Russian city fell black snow

In Zavolzhsk (Ivanovo oblast), fell black snow, reports “Ivteleradio”.


Now in Berlin:



757 mm Hg. article

3 m/s

As the newspaper notes, the city is beautiful, and such anomalies are not uncommon for him: according to old residents, earlier in Zavolzhsk “drop and a blue snow.”

In the Ivanovo region fell black snow

— REN-TV | news (@rentvchannel) 11 Dec 2018

According to precipitation could be painted with soot from the boiler pipe at the knitting factory. On this edition of said local biology teacher Anastasia Molodtsova. She added that “for the first time this sees”.

In March, the mountain resorts around Sochi fell orange snow. The same precipitation fell in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova. Unusual color is tied to the fact that after a storm in the Sahara desert was formed clouds with high dust concentration. According to meteorologists, this phenomenon can be observed every five years.

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