The dog waited a month from the owners of the burnt house in California

The dog waited a month from the owners of the burnt house in California

In the American town of Paradise, California, a dog named Madison (Madison) about a month waited for the owners in the burned house. It is reported by news portal Fox News.

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The owners of the Anatolian shepherd dog had to leave her during the evacuation: the fire was nearing the house, and Madison never managed to find. “They were hoping and praying that he’ll be fine,” — wrote in his post on Facebook volunteer group to rescue dogs K9 Paw Print Rescue.

Volunteer Sheila Sullivan (Shayla Sullivan) learned from local residents that the burned house runs a dog and began to feed her. She also managed to find brother Madison — Miguel. She visited the dog until the moment has not yet arrived the hostess Andrea Gaylord (Gaylord Andrea).

“He lived to protect what was left of his home and never questioned their masters. He did not give up, in spite of storm and fire! Must be the month seemed very LONG,” added Sullivan in the comments. She received thousands of likes and enthusiastic comments.

“Awesome! I wonder how he survived the fire, and then was able to reach the month?” asked one user. “It’s a miracle! Very happy for him and his family,” added another.

Fire Camp Fire that raged in California in November, destroyed more than 14 thousand buildings. He became the most deadly in state history: it has killed 85 people.


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