In the United States accused Russia of lying about the “Peresvet”

In the United States accused Russia of lying about the “Peresvet”

Watching “propaganda” news and videos about the Russian laser weapons, you should pay attention to the “two things” — Russia “is lying about the new technology all the time, and never showed her in action,” writes We Are The Mighty.


The American edition Patriotic believes that Russia is able to create laser weapons, but publicly exaggerates its capabilities. In particular, We Are The Mighty questions the maturity of Russian technologies, allowing to place anti-satellite laser at the aircraft carrier (because of the need in a powerful and heavy power source), and the priority in the development of laser guns gives the United States, which has repeatedly demonstrated laser weapons in action.

“Don’t forget that Russian leaders also claimed that the su-57 and T-14 “Armata” will be weapons that radically changes the conditions of hostilities, which would cost Russia at a relatively low price and would change the world balance of power”, — writes the edition.

In December, the Russian defense Ministry showed video performances on experimental combat duty by Russian combat laser “Peresvet”, designed to counter optical systems of the observation aircraft and satellites of the enemy. About development of this complex, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared in March 2018 during address to the Federal Assembly.