The protesters in Paris: cultural and commercial life came to a standstill — the city suffers losses

The protesters in Paris: cultural and commercial life came to a standstill — the city suffers losses

Police detain demonstrators, spraying tear gas, the most radical protesters organize pogroms. Closed museums and palaces, and people cancel orders in restaurants and pre-Christmas shopping.


In Paris, police arrested more than 570 demonstrators, more than 360 of them are in custody. Such data are cited by the police Prefecture of the French capital. As the local media, the authorities have changed their actions: the protesters began to hold on the approach to the Champs Elysees, not allowing them to gather in a crowd.

French protests continue despite concessions from the authorities — the government froze the increase in fuel prices, which was scheduled from 1 January.

The main protest is focused on the Champs Elysees, which captivated the protesters.

Several times the protesters tried to break through to the presidential Palace. Police in helmets and with shields they are pushed back. All adjacent side streets blocked by police cars. Applied tear gas. Periodically protesters pelted the police with firecrackers and smoke bombs.

In addition, the protesters disrupted traffic signs, dismantle the pavement and provoke the police by throwing stones at them and shouting insults. RT will broadcast live.

Early in the morning in Paris, the position occupied armored vehicles of the French gendarmerie — this is the first time in 13 years, reports TASS. They are equipped with dozer blades to break the barricades. The towers are equipped with devices for circular spraying tear gas. What mood prevails in France, Business FM told a resident of Paris, translator of Daniil Vorobyov

— Not always clear who the first still provoked the clashes. How aggressive protesters and how adequate the actions of the police?

All depends on places. For example, on the place de l’etoile was pretty calm, even the protesters talked to the police, joked. But in other places there was more aggression, the police have declared many times: “Disperse or we will use tear gas.”

— It seems that the protesters are going to storm the Elysee Palace as it was announced?

— Impossible to say yet. It was announced on the demonstrations page, pages in Facebook that this time we get to the Elysee Palace. How seriously do they take themselves believe it, I don’t know. I guess about the same scenario as a week ago that if they begin to displace from the Champs elysées, we will move to the adjacent streets.