“Spikes” were not needed

“Spikes” were not needed

From 8 December with Russian drivers took the obligation to establish the sign of the “Spikes” on cars with installed winter studded tires. This is stated in the government decree, which entered into force today.


It is noted that the sign “Thorns” is outdated, because currently, the vehicle is only slightly dependent on the type of rubber, and to a large extent determined by other factors, to the design of the car; the degree of congestion; and the presence of electronic systems that contribute to the inhibition or stabilization.

“Thus, the installation of this sign on modern cars does not allow other traffic participants clearly judged on the likely nature of movement, especially in the context of heterogeneous road surface, typical for winter conditions,” the document says.

Newsthe long-Awaited decision of the authorities: the sign “ø” is no longer needed

The drivers are obliged to set the sign of “Spikes” in the spring of 2017. For his absence was imposed a fine of 500 rubles, it is also forbidden operation of the vehicle. November 2, 2018, the interior Ministry has sent the government a draft decree on the abolition of the sign.

The relevant regulations, the sign was represented by an equilateral triangle with a side length of at least 20 inches, with the inner contour of red color and a large letter “W” in the center of the triangle.

His background should be white. The sign must be clearly visible at a distance of 20 meters and more.