Putin urged United Russia to prevent contempt for the people

Putin urged United Russia to prevent contempt for the people

Moscow. 8 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — Unfair treatment of people, according to the President, “the party down through the floor.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin urged members of the party “United Russia” not to allow rudeness, contempt for the people that lowers the party “below a plinth”.

“Your representatives are everywhere — in all bodies, in all spheres of activities. In the vast majority of this, of course, decent people, patriots of Russia. However, need is also right to say, by the way, as always happens, everywhere, at all times and in all places — there are those who use the environment, happy to lean against to the government, the leading political force; there are those who behave improperly. Please follow this carefully to follow”, — he said on Saturday, speaking at the plenary session of the Congress of United Russia.

Never allow any rudeness, arrogance, contempt for the people at any level — and on the top, and at the lowest, municipal, because it, firstly, is harmful to the country, it is unfair to people, it just lowers the whole party through the floor.

According to the President, “leadership is not to promise people manna from heaven, which will be taken out of nowhere, and leadership to make responsible, the country needs solutions, but be sure to go to people to explain why made this particular decision and why it is best for our country and in our time.”

Lately there have been a number of incorrect statements made by the representatives of the party that caused the big public resonance. For example, the Director of the regional Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh appeared in the scandal center after his statement that the state should not do youth.