Mother and daughter found each other after 69 years

Mother and daughter found each other after 69 years

In the hospital the girl was assured that the baby died.


A DNA test to find relatives helped 88-year-old Genevieve, Purinton to finally see his daughter she thought died at birth.

Family reunification occurred in Florida, us media reported.

When Genevieve Purinton gave birth at age 18, her family told her the baby had died. She never had any other children and her siblings have all died.

It turns out, though, she’s not alone after all:

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Genevieve gave birth to Connie Moultrup in 1949 when she was 18 years old. “I said I want to see the baby, says Purinton. — I was told that the girl died.”

Assuring an unmarried girl, the child died, the parents of Genevieve gave a baby up for adoption. From geneviève had no more children.

Connie Moultrup was adopted by a childless couple from southern California. When the girl was five, her foster mother died. Soon the adoptive father remarried and the stepmother took a dislike to the girl. Since then, Connie says, she dreamed of finding his real parents.

Genevieve Purinton tenía tan solo 19 años cuando la dio a luz a una bebé en Indiana, Estados…

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Last Christmas 69-year-old Moulthrop received a gift from the native daughters of the DNA test which could help women to find their relatives.

Search service DNA showed one match. So Moulthrop came to the woman who was her cousin. Cousin, upon learning that Connie is looking for his mother, said: “This is my aunt, and she’s still alive.”

The woman went to the city of Tampa in Florida, where finally met his mother. Women hugged for a long time and cried. “You’re really alive,” said Genevieve is his daughter. “I’m alive,” replied Connie.

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