During the protests in France have arrested more than 1,700 people

During the protests in France have arrested more than 1,700 people

On Saturday the stock “yellow jackets” in France detained 1726 people, said Sunday the Minister of internal Affairs of the country Christoph Kastner. According to updated information of the interior Ministry, which leads the TV channel BFM TV, at least 1220 people were arrested.


Most of the arrests made the police of Paris, where the offices were delivered to 1150 people, of which 619 remain in custody. It is noted that many of the detained weapons were found. Most of those arrested are suspected of “conspiracy to commit violence” or “incitement to commit a crime.”

The protests of the so-called movement of the “yellow jackets” continues in France for almost a month and accompanied by widespread arrests and clashes with police.

Initially, the protesters demanded to cancel the increase in fuel prices but later the demands widened. Now they oppose increasing taxes and cost of living.

Saturday, December 8, protests continued in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse and other cities. In the whole country in stock, was attended by approximately 125 000 people, estimated by the interior Ministry. During the riots in Paris suffered at least 135 people, including law enforcement officers.