Without a uterus memory

Without a uterus memory

American scientists have found that removal of the uterus in rats leads to deterioration of short term memory. The removal of the uterus together with the ovaries almost no effect on memory.


There is the idea that the uterus needs only as a receptacle of the fruit, and the rest of the time, staying empty, “idle”. Scientists decided to test, is it really a true representation of the broken womb. As they write in their article, today there is information about the fact that the uterus is innervated by the Central and peripheral nervous systems and contains receptors of gonadotropin and steroid hormones not even during pregnancy.

Chosen for the experiment of rats, a reproductive system which, according to the authors, fairly similar to human. The rats were divided into four groups — one removed the uterus, the other ovary, the third cut and then another, and animals from the fourth just cut open the abdominal cavity and sutured back without touching anything else.