Turkey and the worms: the ISS will deliver Christmas gifts

Turkey and the worms: the ISS will deliver Christmas gifts

In anticipation of the main Catholic celebrations on the International space station will deliver Christmas food. The astronauts will receive a Turkey, pies and other products for the festive table. Together with food from the spaceport in California to be sent into space cargo containers with biological material for experiments.


Into orbit go 40 experimental mice, and several thousands of nematodes. Station scientists are going to study the muscles of roundworms, and at the same time to track the rate of propagation in space. Initially the supply was going to include in the cargo ship Dragon, which took off from Cape Canaveral this Wednesday. At the last moment sending had to be postponed because intended for animal food is covered with mold.

Earlier this week, the ISS went three astronauts. They will work in the laboratory on Board for six months. Now the space station is an international team of two Russians, two Americans and astronauts from Canada and Germany. Experts, which will be replaced by newcomers, will return to Earth on December 20.

Cargo delivery into orbit of the involved company SpaceX. Earlier in the week, the rocket put into space time 64 satellite. Thus was set the record for the mass launch of satellites. The launch was the nineteenth for the current year, which exceeded the similar indicator for last year.


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