The project Lady has launched a social campaign #tarazotene

The project Lady has launched a social campaign #tarazotene

Divorce is not a death sentence.


It would seem that in the XXI century people are not so fixated on stereotypes and tolerant to most phenomena that 20 or even 10 years ago was considered to be inappropriate or defamatory.

For example, one is not surprised women who decided to divorce, but studies show that in society they are still considered to be “inferior”.

The project Lady conducted a survey of how the society treats women and men in divorce. Participation in it have accepted more than 14 thousand people, and the results were disappointing.

Approximately one in ten of those polled condemned those who decided to terminate the marriage. More than half of them in family breakdown blamed women.

Horrified by these results, the project Lady has launched a social campaign #tarazotene. This is the real history of the girls in the divorce, explaining why not all marriages must be preserved.

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In the filming of the video involved seven heroines — ordinary women, bloggers and stars, including singer Yulia Nachalova and stand-up comedian Natasha Krasnov. Her personal story and shared the chief editor of the project Lady Alya Badanina, who has two children from previous marriages.

Everyone is welcome to join in social action, writing his story in social networks using the hashtag #tarazotene.