In Brussels clashed “yellow jackets” with the police

In Brussels clashed “yellow jackets” with the police

Moscow. 8 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — the Situation is to protest the “yellow jackets” in Brussels escalated, the demonstrators tried to enter the “neutral zone” — a quarter of government institutions in the capital, blocked by security forces, over 100 participants (most before) were detained.


The first clash of protesters with the police occurred on the street Montoye, near the Brussels-based EU institutions. 500 “yellow jackets” moved along the street Lua in the direction of the Schuman square, where the main institutions of the EU, but were stopped by the police.

Attempt to circumvent the cordon was not successful — all the surrounding streets were blocked.

Then a group of protesters managed to overcome one of the police barrier, after which the collision occurred.

The police flew bottles and other items. In response fired tear gas. We heard the sound of firecrackers.

In other quarters of the demonstration continues. A group of protesters blocking a road tunnel street Throne.

As reported, on November 30 demonstration of the “yellow jackets” in Brussels, trying to achieve a quarter of government agencies, was stopped by the police, clashed, followed by riots. The investigation results of the massacres continues.

Belgian “yellow jackets” picked up the action of the French “yellow jackets”, the protesters against the increase in fuel prices for several weeks.

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